KOSE Cell Radiance

Multi-Purpose Body Hydrator

This refreshing, nourishing body lotion is absorbed instantly to create skin that’s irresistibly soft and satiny smooth to the touch. Empowered with Rice Balm Complex, a luxurious blend of rice bran oil and rice bran wax that melts upon application, this formula relieves dryness to provide long-lasting comfort and protection.


Take an appropriate amount and apply all over body.

Supporting Actives

KOSE Cell Radiance Multi-Purpose Body Hydrator

A cleansing milk with a blend of rice bran extract and sakura leaf (cherry leaf) extract that gently removes makeup and surface impurities without stripping away essential moisture. Reveals deeply purified and softer-feeling skin.

Rice Bran Extract / Rice Bran Oil

Cinque Terre

Rice farmers are known to stock rice as brown rice and refine it into white rice right before eating. This is because the rice bran contained in brown rice protects it from dryness and extreme temperatures, making it even more delicious to eat. This extract, rich in vitamins and minerals, will also work to protect skin from harsh environments.

Green Tea Extract

Cinque Terre

Extracted from green tea, a powerful anti-oxidant and the most loved tea of all time in Japan. A cup of green tea contains more antioxidants than a serving of any fruit or vegetable. This extract will keep the skin energized, healthy and well-balanced.

Beauty curse

Rice Balm Extract

& Rice Bran Extract

The curse of beauty Day and Night

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