AgeCeutical Actives

AgeCeutical Actives

AgeCeutical Actives is created from the synergy of the latest technology and traditional wisdom, in order to deliver a comprehensive skincare solution.
For its Dark Spot Targeting Serum, KOSE formulated the revolutionary combination of Kojic Acid and Astaxanthin in order to deliver maximum results for an unbelievably bright, youthful-looking complexion.


Birth of AgeCeutical

AgeCeutical Actives is a state-of-the-art skincare line from KOSÉ Cell Radiance, intensively targeting various skin concerns. KOSÉ’s technical achievement in advanced cosmetic dermatology has yielded incredible new ingredients that effectively work within the dermis. AgeCeutical Actives is created from the synergy of the latest technology and traditional wisdom, in order to deliver a comprehensive skincare solution.

Story of Kojic Acid

“Koji” is used since ancient period of Japan and, as a result, is deeply embedded in our lives. Koji is an essential ingredient for brewing Miso and Soy sauce. Therefore, brewing and selling rights are deeply appreciated. In 2006, the Brewing Society of Japan issued an official statement saying: “Our ancestors carefully transfer the tradition of Koji, which is considered a precious asset.” In turn, Koji was authorized as a national fungi.

Koji was originally found in 1907. It was discovered by the person who noticed the soft, youthful hands of Sake brewers. Thereafter, the study of Kojic Acid was conducted in order to prove the effectiveness of skin brightening in 1970’s. In 1988, Kojic Acid was authorized by Japanese governments as an active ingredient of skin brightening.

Function of Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid is an active ingredient that addresses dark spots directly. It is also an essential ingredient in cosmetics that passes standards for stability, safety, and effectiveness, which are required of all cosmetics.

KOSE has studied Kojic Acid extensively, which has resulted in the introduction of many products containing Kojic Acid that have gained superior customer confidence.

Story of Astaxanthin

Salmon has been cherished and loved by the Japanese for many years as an important source of nutrition. Old records say that during the Heian Period (in the eighth century), salmon was used as tax payment instead of cash. During the Edo Period (in the 18th century), salmon was frequently given as a gift by samurais.

The red color of salmon comes from astaxanthin, a substance contained in organisms such as algae and krill. Salmon swim up the river to find a perfect spot to lay eggs. After they lay eggs, the red constituents of the salmon body are inherited by their children and serve to protect their children’s lives. This takes a huge amount of energy and, in order to avoid oxidation to their body from fatigue, astaxanthin is necessary.

Function of Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin* is known to have the very best antioxidant properties found in nature. After more than eight years of research, KOSE has developed an original device that proves the power of astaxanthin to eliminate the kind of oxidation that leads to aging.

KOSE has found that astaxanthin has 100 to 500 times greater antioxidant capability than that of Vitamin E and 10 times greater antioxidant capability than that of beta-carotene.

*Astaxanthin of Dark Spot Targeting Serum is derived from a kind of algae.


Supporting Actives


Zizyphus Jujuba Fruit Extract

Cinque Terre

Used in Oriental medicine, the jujube fruit contains a number of ingredients that have proven excellent at providing anti-aging effects.

In Japan, there is a saying: “three jujube a day keep you young.” This amazing fruit is said to be able to promote the cell turnover speed in order to prevent dullness of the skin, drying, and barrier function deterioration.

Also, since jujube contains abundant iron, folic acid, and dietary fiber, it has been long known as a fruit that provides whole body anti-aging, including the prevention of anemia.

Lonicera Caerulea Fruit Juice Extract

Cinque Terre

It contains a great deal of calcium, iron, and dietary fiber. In Japanese folklore, an ancient man named Ainu prized this fruit as "fancy of longevity.”

The juice of the Lonicera is said to inhibit the movement of factors stimulating melanocyte and to suppress the formation of melanin pigment, which is the cause of sunburn, age spots, and freckles.

In addition, since this unique fruit also contains vitamin E and vitamin C, it is effective in oxidizing, which can help protect the skin from damage by ultraviolet rays. In addition, Vitamin C slows melanin production in order to help prevent uneven skin tones.




AgeCeutical Dark Spot Targeting Serum

• Minimize the appearance of dark spots and discoloration with kojic acid for a more even-toned and brighter complexion overall. Not only does this targeted formula rejuvenate skin, it also minimizes fine lines with the advanced ingredient astaxanthin. See a radiant and lifted look instantly

• AgeCeutical Actives delivers dramatic results, effectively working within the dermis for a comprehensive skincare solution.

• After the first use, you will see a radiant, even-toned complexion. Within 4 weeks, this targeted unifying serum minimizes discoloration while also helping to lift and firm the complexion.



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